Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teaser Tuesday When You Were Mine!

Less than a week away!!! 

Release date August 4th 2014!

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So who's ready for another  teaser?! 

Here you go. No set up necessary! 

**Mature Content**

A low moan and a slight movement from Valerie broke Alex from his thoughts of their first meeting. He glanced down at her, and she was still asleep, but the small pinch just between her eyes reminded him of one thing, and he was instantly hard. Valerie had admitted to him earlier this year about often having dreams of them making love and how real it felt right down to the amazing climaxes. He wondered now if that’s what she was doing.
Unable to help himself, he slid down slowly until he was lying next to her and pulled the sheet down below her bare breast. He licked his finger then caressed her nipple. Valerie’s body trembled in that unmistakable way she did when she was aroused.
Alex couldn’t help but smile then leaned over and licked her nipple softly. She trembled more and then shifted as he latched on and sucked softly. Her hand was suddenly on his head, and she ran her fingers through his hair.
“Alex,” she said groggily.
Alex sucked a bit harder before pulling away just long enough to ask, “What were you dreaming of?”
“Not sure.He heard a muffled giggle just as he began to suck her nipple again and played with the other one with his fingers. “I’m pretty sure it was something naughty.”
“I knew it,” he said, sucking even harder and making her arch her back ever so slightly.
“And I’m pretty sure it was about you.
He jerked his head up to see her smirking. In an instant, he was on his knees but refused to so much as crack a smile when she shrieked with laughter.
“I’m kidding!”
“You’re not funny, Z.”
I thought it was funny.She continued laughing, even as he pulled the sheet completely off her with a rough yank.
Normally, he liked torturing her slowly. It was as much a turn on to him as it was for her. Watching the faces she made, the utter pleasure she was getting from his torture, drove him fucking insane. But now he had other plans.
“You know what this means, right?” he asked easily, flipping her over and making her shriek even louder. He pulled her sweet little ass up in the air. “You know what it means, right, bad girl?”

If ya'll think you know what that means... you're probably right! ;)

Hope you enjoyed! I can hardly wait to get this out to you guys!!