Friday, June 29, 2012

Coming soon Alex and Valerie bonus scene -I can already feel the angst!

What about this bonus scene? 

So here is the scene from Forever Mine I posted on my fan page a few days ago.

“I’ve scored, ass.” Romero turned to Sarah. "Speaking of me scoring, where’s Valerie?”

Sarah went stiff. She glanced at Alex; his face was unreadable. “Home.” 

“You should’ve brought her,” Romero said. 

When Sarah looked at Alex again, he was staring at Romero, but didn’t say a word. 

Eric laughed. “Scored? She shot you down on Friday, and she was drunk. She takes one look at your mug sober, she’s gonna freak that she even let you kiss her.”

Alex's eyebrows shot up. “You kissed her?” 

“She liked it,” Romero said, more to Eric than Alex.

“So, you went out with her?” Alex asked. 

Romero turned to look at Alex. “Nah, we hung out after the game. All of us did at the beach.”

“But you kissed her?” 

Sarah squirmed, wanting to disappear. Alex had that same tone he’d had on the phone with Valerie. The same unmistakable tone Angel would get when he was getting heated.

Romero made a face. “Yeah, so what? I can’t help it if the chicks dig me.” 

Alex rolled his eyes, and looked at Eric. “And she shot him down?” 

“Yeah.” Eric laughed.

Sarah nodded vigorously, and then stopped when she saw Romero was looking at her. The look on his face was almost comical. “She told you that?” 

“Well, no... I mean… I can’t tell you what she said. It’s girl talk.” She stood up quickly. “I’m starving.” 

“You got shot down.” Alex smiled. 

Sarah could see it was a forced smile. Angel stood up with Sarah and followed her to the buffet table. When they got back, Romero and Eric were arguing again about the Chargers and Alex was gone. Something told Sarah Valerie would be getting that call she’d been waiting for. 

I had enough show of hands of readers who would like to read the never before seen "phone call scene" in Alex's POV.  So ABM currently has 59 reviews on Amazon. To give me time to write the scene and because I know that number will go up with the contest. When we hit 100 reviews I will post the bonus scene and let me tell you I already know he'll be mad. This is gonna be fun! =) Winners of the signed copy of ABM will be announced next Friday morning and bonus scene will be posted as soon as we hit the 100 review milestone. Ready, set Go!!!!!  

UPDATE 8/4/12 It's up now! Read the entire bonus scene HERE. 

 Alex stalked through the restaurant, feeling his muscles tense up with every step he took. She kissed Romero? Or was it the other way around? He couldn’t even remember now. The irritation was already clouding his memory. It took everything in him not to reach across the table and wring Romero’s fucking neck after hearing his "chicks dig me" remark.

He knew Valerie didn’t owe him any explanations—he wasn’t entitled to any answers, but he wanted some, damn it. They’d just slept together that week and it had been incredible. Sure, he hadn’t called her since, but he’d been busy. He was going to eventually.

Alex didn’t know what pissed him off more—that she’d kissed another guy so soon after being with him, or that it was Romero. Pushing the back door to the restaurant open, he walked out and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He should really wait until he was a little calmer. At least until the visual of Romero’s lips on Valerie’s wasn’t still blazing in his brain. But he needed to talk to her now.

He waited for her to answer, the anger building with every ring.


“You kissed Romero?”



And just because I love this song so much and it seems fitting here. I added this little diddy. "Stop making a fool outta me, Valerie!" Thank you Amy. RIP. <3 


Monday, June 25, 2012

Cover reveal for new book/series "Fate"!

Here it is folks! I've been talking about it for some time. A spin off series to The Moreno Brothers!
Who better to take the lead in the first book of the series? Vince & Rose <3 And here is your first peek of the cover to their story "Fate" <- also the name of the series.
Fate (Fate #1)

No blurb or release date as of yet but it's the next one I'll have out and I'm SO excited about it! Their story has been in my head ever since I finished writing Making You Mine. Heck it was there even before. Hold on to your hats. This will be a bumpy ride and expect to see some of your favorites from the MB series! This series will be a little different from the others as not ALL character will be so intertwined with the others in previous books because we will revisit some old friends like Sydney and Brandon who don't necessarily have much to do with Vince and Lorenzo...uh yeah. I said Lorenzo. ;) But the one thing they will all have in common? The military

Add Fate to your GoodReads "to read" shelf now! 

Click here to  read the very first Fate teaser on my new FB Fan Page NOW!

Dream Cast: (Yeah you've seen some of these before..still they're dreamy!)

   Young Vince. Sorry not sure what his name is but Rowr!

   Young Rose actress Alexa Nikolas 

And since we did black and white of Vince here is a black and white for Rose same actress.

First song on playlist for Fate. It Will Rain by Bruno Mars


And because I don't think I've teased you enough meet
Lorenzo... Moreno.  You'll have to read the book to find out more about him. ;)

Very excited! I hope you are too!

Share the link to this post anywhere FB, Pinterest, Google+ whatever. Just tag me so that I am aware my Twitter handle is @AuthorElizabeth. I will pick 3 random posters to win an autographed copy of Forever Mine OR Noah the two first books in my series. Your choice! Contests for other books in the series are on their way! =) Happy posting! 

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Win a signed copy of Forever Mine!

I'll be randomly drawing 3 names to give signed copies of Forever Mine next week. 
How to enter: The Forever Mine ebook is temporarily priced at only $.99 on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Happy sharing! <- one thing my guys don't do! ;)  

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Win an signed copy of Romero!

Giveaway Giveaway!  

Get your very own signed copy of Romero! 

How to enter? SIMPLE. Copy paste the link to your review of Romero from Amazon or B&N and send it with the subject "Romero review." (PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS!)  If you've reviewed it elsewhere copy paste that review and post it on either Amazon or B&N then send me the link and you're entered. If you've never reviewed but would like to be entered simply post an honest review on either site and send me the link and yes if you post on both sites you can send me both links and you will be entered twice! One week from today, Wednesday June 13th I will randomly pick two winners! Good luck all!!! Now you can hold him to your chest and say "I got this!" LOL And yes there will be more giveaways coming for all the other books as well!  

Romero's song to Izzy!