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Teaser Tuesday - Hector - 1/29/13

 Okay here we are again and yes I promise you we are getting close to a release date but the reason this is taking longer than normal is because this is my longest novel yet. So it's taking longer to edit as well. But that means more for you to read when it finally is out! Yay! =)

Set up: One of Hector's first impressions of Charlee "She's a chess snob." After showing him up he doesn't like her very much... or maybe he does. ;)

The stare softened just a bit but Hector lifted an eyebrow then licked his lips, making her eyes immediately glance down at his mouth. “Well bravo,” he said glancing back at the board. “I guess you showed me right? You found every hole in my game and used it to take me down.” He turned to face her again this time with an evil smirk and he lowered his voice to a whisper. “Did you like that?”

Her lips literally trembled as she began to shake her head, fluttering her lashes in an effort to come up with a proper response. Taking a few steps back because being that close to him was just too overwhelming, she glanced around at the couple guys still studying the board. Though she was certain Hector’s question hadn’t been heard by anyone else she still attempted to make light of it with a chuckle that fell flat. “What?”

Hector closed in again, his words a near murmur. “Did it feel good to take me down, Charlotte?” The fact that he remembered her full name would’ve been enough to excite her but hearing him say it in that tone made her nearly gasp. Then he added a final blow by licking his lips again and leaned in even closer. “It’s what you wanted, right?”

Her entire face was ablaze, including her ears even though no one was paying attention to them anymore. Not even Walter.  He was now engaged in what sounded like a debate about the game she and Hector had just played. 

Charlee cleared her throat—twice. He was still talking about the game right? She couldn’t even tell anymore if he was still angry. “I didn’t mean anything personal by it. If that’s what you’re suggesting.”  
Hector seemed hell bent on speaking unnervingly close up to her because he took another step closing off the space between them again. This time Charlee stood her ground and didn’t back up but having him that close put every single one of her senses on alert. Her nose took in the mixture of his masculine scent with what was probably aftershave—a annoyingly alluring and distracting aftershave.

“You always take that much time studying someone else’s game?” It was low and subtle but her ears didn’t miss the low chuckle that reverberated from deep within him. “Or am I just that special?”

Unable to take how deeply he gazed into her eyes anymore, Charlee glanced away noticing how the muscle on his big lower arm flexed. Looking further down she saw why. His hand was fisted and he was squeezing it off and on. How something so trivial could actually arouse her to the point she felt flushed was beyond infuriating. Did he know he could do this to her? Was this whole line of questioning—this closely—his way of embarrassing her like he obviously thought she’d set out to do to him? 

Unbelievably needing to clear her throat once again she did, then glanced back at those eyes that seemed to get darker each time he addressed her. “Actually I didn’t study it for as long as you seem to think.” She was only grateful that he didn’t know her well enough or he see right through her. 

Feeling a little perturbed about how the mixture of playfulness and intensity in his eyes practically burned a hole through her now since he’d made it categorically clear earlier that he had no interest in her she crossed her arms in front of her. Embarrassing her was obviously the goal here. “Haven’t you ever studied other player’s games? Maybe you’re not aware but it’s pretty much a requirement at this level—”

“As opposed to my level?” He snapped back. The playfulness in his eyes was gone, the intensity now prevailing.

“That’s not what I—”

“Let me tell you something, Charlee.” She didn’t think it was possible but he moved even closer forcing her to uncross her arms or feel his body heat against them. “I may be a casual player for the most part but I am familiar with classical chess study.” His eyes were darker now than they’d been that entire time. 

“I didn’t say you weren’t it’s just that…” she stopped when he very noticeably moved his eyes down from hers and stopped at her lips then he licked his own again, slowly

He moved in so close she could feel the warmth of his breath against her own mouth. Feeling his mouth so close to hers she could almost taste it, was so intoxicating she froze in place staring at his lips. He got so close her heart nearly gave out on her because there was no doubt what he was about to do next. And God even knowing with every fiber of her being that she shouldn’t, that this could only end in heartache if she went there with him, she knew she wouldn’t stop him. She wanted him to—so bad.

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 Hector (5th Street #2)
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Teaser Tuesday - Official Hector blurb - 1/22/13

Happy Teaser Tuesday!

In lieu of a teaser today I give you the official blurb!  

Womanizer - Check
Cocky - Check
Dangerous - Checkmate

Staying away from him was indisputably the sensible thing to do. The problem? She wasn’t just drawn to him; she was utterly mesmerized... 

Charlotte Brennan is no stranger to heartache and mortification. Her past is full of both. So when  amazing and incredibly intense Hector Ayala, literally jumps into Charlee’s life, her walls are immediately up. Letting her guard down and sharing her past and deepest secret is not happening. Charlee is not looking to get her heart crushed once again. However, her willpower proves to be no match for Hector’s mesmerizing pull.

Guilt is a profound emotion to deal with and no one knows this better than Hector. So when he gets the chance to make up for a past indiscretion that’s been gnawing away at him for months, he takes it. Doing so means he’ll also have to pass up pursuing Charlee, the only girl he’s ever been so fascinated by. But his inability to explain why they could never be has him dealing with a new kind of guilt—the guilt of knowing he is unwillingly breaking her heart.  

Okay okay it wouldn't be Teaser Tuesday without at least a TINY tease: 
Set up: Abel has picked up on Hector's tense reaction to seeing a certain redhead with another guy...

Hector turned back to Abel again. His brother had his usual imposing expression going. The one he always wore when he was on to Hector. “Nothing,” Hector tapped Abel on the arm. “I gotta get back to my friends.” 

He started to take a step away when Abel caught his arm. The music was so loud Abel had to lean in. “No trouble right?”

Hector pinched his brows. “No,” Then he smirked. “Did you see me in the ring today? No one’s starting trouble with this guy.” 

Abel didn’t even flinch nor return the smile. “I’m not worried about anyone starting trouble with you.  You’re the one I’m worried about.”


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Teaser Tuesday Hector 1-15-13

For any of you who've read Gio, this scene will sound familiar to you. You heard about it now here it is! For those of you, who haven't this is brand knew to you but a glimpse of what Hector is like. =) Enjoy!  


Set up: 

This is the prologue and not even the girl Hector falls head over heels for so you can imagine what he's like when he falls for Charlee and someone messes with her... 

Disclaimer: Again not edited!

Walking to his locker, Hector could see the drama going on all week wasn’t over. It was really starting to get old. Lisa, a girl whose locker was few lockers down from Hector’s had been having issues with her boyfriend. Apparently that past weekend after an argument her boyfriend who was drunk and mad posted something about her on his Facebook status and it was the talk of the school.
Hector neither cared nor bothered to ask anyone what the idiot posted. All he knew is he was forced to be witness to their constant bickering all week because the dumbass was trying to beg her back and she wasn’t having it. What sucked is they did it right there by his locker and usually they had small crowd listening in on their arguing. It was so stupid.
Today the crowd was bigger than the norm and from Hector could hear the argument was a bit more escalated. Even hearing her boyfriend’s angry accusatory tone when he spoke to her now Hector had every intention of staying out of it like he had all week.
Ironically Lisa had been someone he’d been interested in getting to know a little better the previous semester. He wasn’t sure if it was because she was the new girl to his school or because she was quiet and shy but she’d sparked an interest. Most of the girls he knew had been going to his school the entire four years and were loud and anything but shy about flirting with him. There’d been something refreshing about Lisa’s timid smiles.
As usual by the time Hector would so much as start to consider getting to know a girl for real not just think about getting in her pants she started seeing someone else. Never one to move in on another guys girl, like his brother Abel said, there were too many out there to be fighting over one—Hector left well enough alone.
Lisa had been seeing this guy now for months. Up until this week as far as Hector knew things between them had been peachy. For the most part all week Hector would overhear their arguments while he got whatever he needed out of his locker but only because it was inevitable. Not so much Lisa but her boyfriend was one of those persons that didn’t care who heard his business. He’d argue with her loudly no matter who was around. In fact Hector got the feeling he enjoyed the attention. Today he was louder than he’d been all week and with his friends there laughing and egging him on as he got even louder.
From what Hector could see as he walked up to his locker she wasn’t even looking at him. She was staring into her locker as he stood behind her demanding something. “Move,” Hector said to the guys blocking his locker and they did immediately.
 As annoying as it was that she was obviously uncomfortable with the attention her idiot boyfriend was getting, Hector was still going to mind his own business and not say or do anything. 
“Just admit it,” her boyfriend said. “You were skyping with his ass all night right? Why not just text if it was such a friendly conversation? Huh?”
Lisa was ignoring him because if she did respond Hector hadn’t heard it. The banging on the locker forced Hector to pay attention. Annoyed he turned to see the guy’s fist against the locker next to Lisa’s. She’d finally looked up and was facing her boyfriend now but that wasn’t good enough for the punk he got in her face all menacingly as if she were another guy. “Admit it. Did you show him your tits?” He got even closer to her now and she tried to back up but the guys behind her were too close. “Did you? You skank?”
Instantly on fire, Hector slammed his locker shut and pushed the few guys in his way aside. Without giving it so much as a thought he grabbed the guy by the hair and slammed his face into the locker right next to Lisa’s more than once. “You think you’re a tough guy talking to your girl like that!”
Now the crowd that had closed in so much Lisa hadn’t been able to move, backed up real fast. Just like Hector suspected there was absolutely no fight back from her boyfriend. Hector lifted the guy’s bloodied face away from the lockers and turned him to face his stunned friends. “He look like such a tough guy now?”
None of them said anything and not one of them so much as stepped up to try to help her boyfriend either. Hector threw him against the locker this time letting him go. “Get in my face tough guy!” He took a step closer to the guy. Seeing the guy brace himself only pissed Hector off more. “Or is that something you only do to girls, you fucking pussy?”
Luckily for the guy, in the next instant Hector himself was pushed up against the lockers by school security as was Lisa’s boyfriend and they were both hauled into the dean’s office.
As much as it sucked that he knew this was grounds for suspension Hector had a feeling his brother Abel would go easy on him for this one. All Hector would have to do is defy his brother to stand there and watch a guy get in a girls face the way this asshole had and not do anything about it.

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Teaser Tuesday - Hector - 1/8/13

Happy Teaser Tuesday!!!

Okay so I'm having a really hard time finding excerpts that tease y'all enough without giving too much away! So this weeks is on the short side. I'd make it longer but anything before and anything after would just be too much of a spoiler for you guys! Sorry!

Disclaimer: Once again parts of this may change when I get into the rewrites and this is UNedited! 

So the set up: This is just after one of the other 5th Street boys fights in the locker room. The rest is self explanatory. And why the picture of angry Bernardo? I just think it fits this excerpt perfectly. In this scene Charlee and Hector are still only just friends but well... you know my guys. =/


It was such a rush that it wasn’t until everything had calmed and they were all in the training room again that Hector thought of Charlee again. Even then, he’d still been busy listening to Noah’s take on the fight when something Santos said hit him like an electric current.

“Did you see Nestor trying to talk to the redhead?” Santos laughed then said something in a lowered voice.

“What was that?” Hector asked, moving away from Noah, Abel, and Gio and toward Santos. Santos looked at him confused. “What did you just say?”

Santos smiled again. “About Nestor?”

“Yeah,” Hector already felt irritated, and he didn’t even hear the second part, but whatever it was, Santos found it amusing as shit.

“He’s out there hitting on some redhead.”

“Right now?”

Santos nodded. “Last I saw—”

“Is she with another girl?” Hector started walking before Santos even answered. “A blonde?” The odds of there being more than one redhead out there were slim, but they did have a big crowd tonight.

“Yeah, they’re like the only two white chicks out there. Why? You know them?”

Ignoring Santos, Hector rushed around some more guys coming into the training room. He needed to warn Charlee about Nestor. Just then Nestor walked into the training room, smiling big. This was even better. He’d warn Nestor about Charlee.

Nestor smiled at Hector. “Looks like I’ll be getting laid tonight.”

“You think so?” Hector asked ready to slam Nestor against the wall.

“Oh yeah,” Nestor continued, smiling big.

Nestor almost walked past him, but Hector stepped in front of him. “And what makes you think that?”

Nestor backed up a step, pinching his brows. “Because I just invited some chicks to a keg party tonight, and they said they’d be there.” What had turned into a somewhat defensive expression eased into a smirk and Nestor added. “Hell, I may even have me a twofer.”

“Really?” Hector did his best to sound as calm as he could. “The redhead you were talking to out there?”

Nestor’s smiled. “Yeah, Charlee.”

Just hearing him say her name made Hector want to punch him in the fucking throat. “Charlee is my friend which means she’s off limits to you.” He turned to the other guys who were listening also and raised his voice a notch. “To all of you.” Nestor began to frown, pushing Hector’s agitation to another level. Speaking louder and more demanding, he took a step closer to the idiot. “You have a problem with that, Nestor?”

Abel, Noah, and Gio were now looking at them too, and the training room got quiet.

“Nah, man,” Nestor said, glancing around as if he’d just realized who he was talking to. “I just didn’t know—”

“Well, now you do. And stay away from her friend while you’re at it.” Hector wasn’t even sure why he added that last part, but Drew was Charlee’s friend, and for that reason alone, he didn’t want this asshole taking advantage of her either.

Nestor stared at him for a little too long without saying anything. The tension in the room was so thick it was a living thing, and at the moment, it held its breath. Hector saw Abel making a move. No one knew Hector better than Abel. If Nestor so much as said the wrong thing right now, shit was going down because Hector’s patience was spent. This guy either agreed right now or Hector would make him.

Nestor gave him a very stiff nod before turning to Santos then back to Hector. “You got it.”
Hector stared at him hard. He didn’t trust Nestor as far as he could throw him, and the way Hector felt right then he could probably heave Nestor clear across the room.