Monday, April 30, 2012

Tuesday Teaser - Gio- 5-1-12

 Set up: With Felix unable to make it up yet Bianca & Gio spend the day snowboarding.

As sweet as his smile was Bianca knew it was wrong to be enjoying it so much, so she forced her eyes away and glanced at his now freed boot. “Okay, so let me show you how to walk in these. Stand like me.”
They went over the basics on how to walk around on the board and all the do’s and don’ts. Then finally did a little skating. Although she tried her best, she wasn’t able to keep from laughing at his clumsiness. After falling for the third time Bianca meant to keep her laughter to a minimum but she did the stupid squeak thing that got her going good.
She hid her face behind her gloved hands and peeked between her fingers as she continued to laugh. Gio didn’t even attempt to get up. Instead, he brought his knees up and rested his arms on them looking very exhausted already but he couldn’t hide the smile. He squinted up at her. “You’re having way too much fun at my expense. You know if I didn’t know any better I’d say you planned this. Probably planned the time you taught Felix, too. For your own amusement.”
Bianca managed to calm her laughter but still giggled. “I did not!” She pouted but somehow she didn’t think he’d buy into it since her lip was still quivering from her stifled laughing. “My boyfriend was supposed to be here today remember?” As the laughter ceased she was able to pout more convincingly until she saw the appalled look on his face and his eyes go wide open.
“Am I supposed to feel sorry for you now after you’ve laughed at me all morning?”
With that, she was at it again. “I wasn’t laughing at you.” She offered him her hand and he took it. “I was laughing with you. We’re having fun, right?”
With a grunt and a pull from Bianca, he was on his feet again. “Yeah, my ass is having a blast.” Gio dusted his behind off.
Bianca managed to calm her laughing and pulled her phone out. “Not to scare you or anything but lets get each other’s number just in case we get separated. Sometimes these boards have a mind of their own. If anything happens we can find each other easier this way.”
“Somehow,” Gio said unzipping his jacket. “I don’t think I’ll hear my phone ringing under all these layers but if you say so.”
“Yes, I say so. You’d be surprised.”
They programmed each others number in their phones but when Gio stuck his back in his jacket he motioned up to the mountain. “I hate to break it to you, but I don’t think you’re gonna get me up there today.”
“You have to!” Bianca’s laughing mood was gone now. He couldn’t be serious but he shook his head. “Really? A big tough boxer like you is gonna let a few tumbles scare him?”
Gio laughed at that. “Hey, lets not get personal.” Taking a deep breath, he took in the mountain again. “Maybe after I’ve had some lunch. I know we had a big breakfast but I’ve worked up an appetite.”
“Agreed,” she said taking her gloves off and pushed them into her jacket pocket. She reached her hand out to him. “Take my hand. I don’t want you falling again and changing your mind.”
Bianca meant to just latch her hand in his to help him back to the bench and she thought he’d keep his gloves on. But he took his glove off before reaching for her hand and their fingers automatically laced.
          With a gulp she glanced at him as he concentrated on his footing. There was no way he was feeling what she was feeling from the simple touch of his hand. Gio was completely engrossed in making sure he didn’t fall. She squeezed his hand as his foot slipped slightly and he squeezed back finally looking at her with a smile. Her heart rate had already sped up the second their fingers touched. It accelerated even more now. Jesus, could he be more beautiful?   

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Teaser Tuesday- Gio - 4-24-12

You not only get her name but an Bianca.

The set up: Gio arrives at Felix's cabin in Big Bear before Felix and meets Felix's stunning girlfriend Bianca. To Gio's surprise she's someone from his past. A girl whose innocent doe eyes did things to him even back in high school. With Felix's plane being delayed, Gio is forced to spend the day with her reminding him why he had such a thing for her...back in the days.

They enjoyed their hot chocolate for a few silent moments. Normally boxing would not only be a safe subject but one Gio happily could go on and on about, but it wasn’t one he wanted to get into now.  So he was grateful when she asked him about the rest of the gang. “Do you still hang around with Noah, Abel and his brother? I forget his name.”
Gio nodded stirring his “cocoa” with the fancy chocolate stir stick Bianca had provided. “Yeah we all work at 5th Street now. Abel's brother, Hector, is still part-time but the rest of us actually help Jack, the owner, run it now.”
A sudden squeak from Bianca made him glance up and seeing her turn red then giggle obviously embarrassed, had him smiling like an idiot. It was the cutest damn thing. As much of a struggle as it was, he managed to turn back to his chocolate chuckling and asked, “What’s that about?”
He glanced up when she didn’t respond. She held her hand against her mouth, eyes closed trying to stifle her laughter. She put her mug down on the fireplace shaking her head and proceeded to go into a laughing fit. When she gained a little composure she explained, “That just reminded how back in middle school, this group of cool girls wore the 5th Street t-shirts they sell down at the gym.” She shook her head continuing to wipe the corner of her eyes. “Me and my friend Anna wanted to be cool too but our moms were not about to shell out the twenty-five bucks for a simple t-shirt.” She started laughing again. “So we decided to make our own.” Just seeing how hard it was for her to even speak now had him laughing, too. “You should’ve seen the mess we made of our dads white t-shirts with our sharpie pens. We both got in trouble for ruining so many of them and we never did get to wear them.”  Then she squeaked again and it was all over they were both laughing uncontrollably now. “Stop!’ She begged between laughing. “I hate that stupid squeak!”   
Gio caught his breath. He hadn’t laughed that hard in a while so the words flew out without thought. “I think it’s cute. I’ve always thought you were cute.”
That doe-eyed expression was abruptly back as what he’d just blurted out sunk in. Her laughing slowly subsided and she stared at him. Thinking fast he added, “My sister does this hiccup thing when she laughs.” He had nothing else. The mood had switched so quickly with his stupid admission he was grasping here.
“You have?”
“Huh?” His thoughts were still scrambling trying to think of something else to say, he wasn’t even sure what she was asking. Then she smiled a smile so sweet he had to suck in a fleeting breath.
“Even in high school you thought I was cute?” She tilted her head sideways. “I always felt invisible to you back then.”
No way was he telling her she’d been anything but invisible and that just like now, there’d been too many times he’d gotten lost in those eyes of hers.  Gio sat up straight taking a sip of his chocolate. Sonofabitch if he couldn’t think of a proper way to respond to that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Teaser Tuesday - Gio 4-17-12


 This teaser is more of a set up... so you'll understand the upcoming teasers. Where they're at and why. The snow...  =) *unedited*

Set up: It's Gio's first day back at 5th Street since the tragic event several weeks prior where Trinidad lost his life. His childhood best friend Felix, who is now welterweight champion of the world stops by to visit on his way to the picturesque snowy town of Big Bear to train for his next big fight. Surrounded by his entourage and the media all wanting a piece of Felix, Gio decides not to interrupt and  heads for the locker room. 

Gio hadn’t been in there very long when he heard a commotion and then loud voices coming toward him. Felix and Abel walked to him. Felix had a big smile on his face. “Hey, my man! How’s it going?”
“I’m doing alright.” Gio reached out his hand to shake Felix’s but Felix pulled him in for a man hug. 
Felix pulled back to face him and the smile slowly collapsed. “I heard about what happened, man. But you know what? This shit happens in boxing. They say you’re really beating yourself up about it. You can’t do that, G. It’s not your fault and hey, it might even happen again.”
“No it won’t,” Gio said turning back to his locker. “Not to me anyway. Because I’m not fighting anymore.”
Felix glanced back at Abel who shrugged leaning against a row of lockers. “What do you mean you’re not fighting anymore? You can’t give up because of this one thing. Gio, it wasn’t your fault.”
“I know.” Gio stuffed his bag in the locker. “But I’m done.”
“Dude, so what are you gonna do now?”
“I’m gonna train. There is some real good talent coming in here lately who I think have a lot of potential. I’ll focus on getting them ready.”
Felix’s eyes opened wide then he smiled. “Fuck that. If you’re gonna train, come train with me. I need a good sparring partner and you were one of my best.”
Gio stared at him for a moment not sure if he was serious. “Train with you?”
“Yeah, it’d be perfect. This fight I got coming up in a few of months is gonna be be tough. I’m headed up to Big Bear to train there. You can come with me. It’s only a couple of hours from here so if you ever need to come back home for whatever you can just drive back.”
Gio and Abel exchanged glances. “Are you serious?”
“Hell, yeah,” Felix laughed. “This will be awesome. You’ll be well compensated, too. Because even though we’ll do the whole snowboarding and partying with all the snow bunnies up there, I’m putting your ass to work. I really need to get in shape. This guy I'm fighting is supposed to be the best thing outta the Philipines since Pacquiao. I got my work cut out for me. ”
“Yeah you do," Abel agreed then turned to Gio. "Some time away might do you some good, too. Who knows sparring with Felix might get you itching to get back in the ring.”  
Gio wasn’t sure about that but he was right about one thing. The time away might do him some good. “When are you headed up?”
Felix smiled. “Next week. I’ll be up there for two months straight. ‘Course there’s gonna be times I’ll have to leave. Since I’ll be in California, my agents lined up some stuff for me to promote the fight. Television appearances, morning radio shows, shit like that but I’ll only be gone for two maybe three days tops when I do that stuff. You can stay up there and ski or go snowboarding while I’m gone.” He winked with a smirk. “I’ll make sure you have company.”
Gio chuckled knowing exactly what he meant. “Speaking of, who’s this chick with you today? Anyone I should know about before I make an ass of myself like I did last time?”
“Nah, she’s a jazz singer but she’s small potatoes. I met her in Vegas after one of my fights. She does have her own show out there but nothing you’d know about.”
“So she your new chick? “ Abel asked.
Felix laughed. “C’mon brother you know me. Life’s too short to settle on just one chick. Although there is one who seriously has me considering it.”
“No way,” Gio said closing his locker. He’d heard rumors about Felix and a girl from Big Bear but just like all the other rumors he’d heard about Felix, Gio hadn’t thought anything of it.   
“Hey,” Felix said lifting his hands in front of him. “Stranger things have happened. So what do you say? You in?”
“I’ll give it some thought and let you know in a couple of days. I gotta talk to Jack, too. This is my first day back and already I gotta tell him I may be leaving for two months.”
“I doubt he’ll have a problem with it,” Abel said “He’ll probably agree you could use the time away.”
Gio frowned. “Still, I gotta run it past him first.”
Gio had to admit the more he thought about it, the more he agreed with Abel that getting away might do him some good.
As it turned out not only was Abel right about Jack agreeing that Gio could use the time away, Jack insisted Gio did. 

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gio's song...


A hint of ...GIO


I know... I know... his story isn't even out yet. I haven't even finished writing it so why a song already? I just had to share! Often times when I'm writing something happens. The story starts to write itself. NO LIE. I was in full and complete control of this story then this week, BAM! Just like when I was writing Romero and my fingers happily typed away as my jaw fell open and I'm thinking "Wait! What?! Did he just tell her to 'takem' off?" WTH?! The "feel" of the story sometimes just goes in a direction where I'm completely left out and the "feeling" for Gio has done just that. But let me tell you I'm excited! This is why I wanted to share. So with the exception of the rapping part this in a little of what you can expect from both Gio and his love interest. 


Coming Soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sofie's song to Eric

 Playlist/Soundtracks to my books!

Okay so these are coming to me in no particular order. I just happen to have a few that have been in my head forever and I really REALLY think of my characters when I hear these songs. Sofie is up today. This is just one of the many songs I have for her and Eric but this one really makes me smile almost giggle/snort when I listen to because I can almost picture Sofie singing this to her brothers first to Angel: "No one." To Sal: "No one." and finally and loudest to Alex: "No one!!!" because not even he "Can get in the way of what I'm feeling!"  

And I want to thank all of you who've been contributing to the playlists. You've given me some really good ones I hadn't even heard that will for sure make it to the final playlist for each book so keepem' comin'! =)

Quotes from Sweet Sofie:

Sofia squirted whip cream on the tip of her finger, then slowly licked it clean. Eric squeezed his eyes shut, sitting up straight. "You evil little girl."
She laughed and walked back toward the refrigerator. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a little girl anymore, Eric."
"Oh, Ive noticed." Had he ever.
She turned and smiled. "Good, now can you please tell my brothers that?"


She licked her lips, and Eric nearly went for it. He'd been dying to kiss her for so long. "I'm saving myself for you," Sofia whispered.

"Listen, Romero. About Sofie--"
"Don't worry. I'm not gonna say anything," Romero scoffed. "Are you fucking kidding me? You really think I wanna be the one to tell her brothers?" He shook his head. "Nope. No thanks but I'm telling you, Eric, you better watch yourself. This shit has bad news written all over it."

"Babe, we can't."
"Just one time," Sofia whispered, "don't you wanna feel it, just one time?"


 "I'll see him if I want to. You can't stop me!" She pushed past Romero who'd been standing at the kitchen door, watching and listening to the whole show. Then Alex was yelling again. "You hear me, Sofia? Like hell you will!"


What did you do Sofia? Eric wasn't sure if anyone was home and he didn't care. He raised his voice, feeling on the verge of losing it. "What the fuck did you do in his bedroom that has you crying?" 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Romero's song to Izzy

Playlist/ Soundtrack To my books!

I decided to start a playlist for each one of my books. Sometimes I'll hear a song and think OMG that's the PERFECT song  for *insert one of my couples names here* . So I decided it would be fun to post playlists. In the coming weeks I'll post a song for each book that to me really represents the emotions being felt by a certain character or even reminds me of a certain scene etc. Then I'll slowly add more songs to each books playlist. *Be warned. I may be going way back with some of these songs!* 

I wanted to start with Romero because first of all, I LOVE this song. Second I suppose it could represent what just about all my alphas have felt about their love interests but none more so than Romero. Because of his VERY short fuse, the poor guy had a much harder time than the others holding it together and those emotions escalated tenfold when it involved his Izzy. Not just the song but the way it's sung with such emotion I feel is so perfect to describe what this vulnerable hot headed alpha feels for Izzy.  Crazy. If you've read the book I'm sure you'll agree! And if you haven't this is a little taste of what you're in for if you ever decide to. *sigh*

Updated to Add: I'd love to hear about any songs that have ever made you think of my books, characters any particular scenes! So if you have one by all means please comment and share! =)   

Quotes from Romero:

~ He kissed her again. He'd never felt such an urgency to kiss a girl. Sexual urges were one thing. That, he understood, but this was just kissing and he couldn't get enough. ~ 

~According to you just ten seconds ago we aren't exclusive." His voice went up a notch and his nostrils flared. "Who were you with these last few days?"~ 

~Romero got down on his knee next to the bed and touched her arm. “Please don’t do anything just to make things even… you have no idea how crazy that would make me.”~

~He didn’t say a word and Isabel didn’t ask anything else, just ran her fingers through his hair until his breathing began to calm. Without letting go of her or even pulling away to face her he finally whispered against her ear, “Please don’t leave me. I promise I’ll try harder.” Slowly he pulled away and their eyes met. “I’m nothing without you, Izzy.~ 

As always, I look forward to your comments and feedback!