Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gio's song...


A hint of ...GIO


I know... I know... his story isn't even out yet. I haven't even finished writing it so why a song already? I just had to share! Often times when I'm writing something happens. The story starts to write itself. NO LIE. I was in full and complete control of this story then this week, BAM! Just like when I was writing Romero and my fingers happily typed away as my jaw fell open and I'm thinking "Wait! What?! Did he just tell her to 'takem' off?" WTH?! The "feel" of the story sometimes just goes in a direction where I'm completely left out and the "feeling" for Gio has done just that. But let me tell you I'm excited! This is why I wanted to share. So with the exception of the rapping part this in a little of what you can expect from both Gio and his love interest. 


Coming Soon!



  2. I loved the chorus on that song. When Gio becomes a movie they can have him tossing and turning in bed and play the song :-)

  3. Eli! You're killing me. I need some teasers to keep my nerves calm..LOL! 62942 words..wooohooo! Keep up the good work!

  4. OMG!!!! Elizabeth I think that you really are going to kill a few of us;;(( Please stop sleeping, eating or anything else that may require too much of your time, so that you can gives us GIO……) Just with this Song "Obsession" you have my mind racing a bit too fast… PleasEEE… JUST WRITE AND WRITE AND WRITE TILL IS DONE!!!!!! SO that we can breath normal again…) At least me...

  5. Thanks guys. I'm glad this excited you guys too. This is he part I love about writing when the story take s a life of it's own and I just type. At this point even I don't know what to expect and I'm on the edge of my seat too! *sigh* I'll be critiquing today and the next few days but after that I dive right back into it and you'll see the word count change again! Thanks for the feedback. You know I love hearing it! <3

  6. when you described Gio in your novel Noah, i was imagining Chace Crawford cause of the pretty boy looks and the green eyes. When i saw the picture above i went into a state of euphoria! haha seriously though. I really hope he does look like chace with a great body of course! ;) and btw, i'm a fan of all your books. you're something else eli and i meant it in a great way <3 hope you never stop writing!

    1. Thank you so much PJ!

      Is that Chace? Honest to God I didn't know who this guy was when I came across the picture I thought OMG there are a few scenes in the book that are just SO this picture. I couldn't NOT use it.... and the song SO describes where their feelings suddenly went. I was writing and I was like WTH... whats happening? I think I even wrote it in the dialogue "What's happening?" Because even the characters were alarmed. lol

      Thanks for sharing PJ <3

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