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Four signed set of 5th Street paperbacks!!!
Here are the winners! 

First of all thank you so much for participating and sharing the new covers! The winners of the signed paperbacks with the new covers are.....

 1. Edne Gonzalez
2.Shawna Broadstock
3. Emillie Barber
4. Susy Fierro Bustillos

Congrats to the winners. Please email your mailing address to EliReyesBooks (at) Yahoo (dot) com
Stay tuned everyone because I have much more to come. 
Felix cover reveal will take place Sept 10th!! 
ARC's of Felix giveaways are coming as well then the cover reveal for Tangled in October. Lot's more giveaways are coming as well. So for those of you who didn't win this time. 

Looky looky what I got in the mail yesterday! ;) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reveal of the New 5th Street Covers and GIVEAWAY!!!

I've been talking about this long enough and I've been DYING to show you all the new 5th Street covers. So without further delay I'll get right to it. 
I give you the new 5th Street covers! 


*Covers have very recently been changed at all retailers. Some are slower to update than others. Paperbacks with the new covers are not yet available. Unfortunately because I'm adding content (excerpts of the other books.) Reformatting is necessary and will take a little longer to be available. I appreciate your patience!   
Felix's cover reveal is coming September 10th!! 
Mark your calendars!  

Random note: One of my favorite quotes so far from a reader after seeing the new covers. "If 5th street was real and I hung out there, I would NOT have a very good reputation!" LMAO!  

For those of you NOT familiar with my 5th Street Series here is a quick blurb of the series.

In the middle of the mean streets of East Los Angeles stands an old boxing gym 5th Street. Here, boys with the will of real men, who are able to turn their backs on the inevitable lure of gangs and drugs, come with hopes and aspirations of becoming the next prize fighter. One group of young friends who've bonded here at 5th Street will capture your hearts. Each one of them, jaded by hardships of growing up on the streets of East LA, boasts a hardened exterior. All are able and willing to take on dangerous opponents in the ring. None ever go down without a fight, but all are vulnerable to what each of them think they have the power to overcome—falling in love.

Below the giveaway is a very short description and teaser of each book.

For a full description, and additional teasers of each book follow this link to the 5th Street page on my blog. 

But first the giveaway!!

  Who wants to win one of *FOUR signed sets of these books with their new covers? 

Here's all you have to do to enter. 

1. Share this post or my FB post and come tell me about it.

2. Who wants a bonus scene? Come tell me what scene you'd LOVE to see then go vote to get these guys further up on The Ultimate List of Fighter Romances on GoodReads.

They are all already on the list. But let's get them voted up! 

*Paperbacks with the new covers will not be available immediately. Winners of the signed sets will be notified this coming weekend but it could be a few weeks before books are shipped. I thank you in advance for your patience!

Now here is a little taste of what you can expect from each of my guys.

Ridiculously simplified synopsis: When Noah falls hard for Roni, an older trainee reluctant about their age difference, he's determined to prove age is but an illusion.

Short teaser

Gio tapped Noah's gloves. “You’re good,” he said then jumped out of the ring as the ref gave them a one-minute warning.

Abel finished up with the Vaseline then looked at Noah very seriously. “Keep your head in the fight. You hear me? I’ve never seen you fight with this kind of distraction out there.” His head gestured in Roni’s direction, but he never took his eyes off Noah. “You need to focus, or it’s gonna cost you. Just use that left jab of yours, and you should be good. Only thing this guy has is speed.”

The warning bell rang, and Abel jumped out of the ring. Noah stood up, glancing in Roni’s direction. She was facing the ring now, but the guy was still leaning forward, talking to her from behind. Focus, damn it.

Available now

Ridiculously simplified synopsis: Chance has Gio spending too much time alone in a cozy snowy cabin with an old high school crush, Bianca. She's even more beautiful and irresistible than he remembers. The problem? She's now his good friend's girlfriend. 
Short teaser: 

“I was serious, you know,” Bianca said casually.

Gio glanced at her, his eyebrows pulled together. “About what?”

“You’re gonna be sore tomorrow.”

He chuckled now, really reminding her of Felix and how cocky he’d been about it his first time snow boarding. “Did you forget I work out every day?”

“I knew you’d say that because it’s exactly what Felix said. This is a different work out, Gio. You’re gonna feel it tomorrow—everywhere. I promise.” He smiled, obviously not worried about it. “I mean it. You might even consider soaking in the hot tub tonight. Felix was so sore the next day, and he didn’t even go as long or as hard as you did.”

A sudden evil smile spread across his face, and his eyes just about sparkled with humor. “Is that right, Bianca? So you’re saying I went longer and harder than your boyfriend?

Available now!

Ridiculously simplified synopsis:
Staying away from him was indisputably the sensible thing to do. 
The problem? 
She wasn’t just drawn to him; she was utterly mesmerized... 

Short teaser:

Nestor smiled at Hector. “Looks like I’ll be getting laid tonight.”

“You think so?” Hector asked ready to slam Nestor against the wall.

“Oh yeah,” Nestor continued, smiling big.

Nestor almost walked past him, but Hector stepped in front of him. “And what makes you think that?”

Nestor backed up a step, pinching his brows. “Because I just invited some chicks to a keg party tonight, and they said they’d be there.” What had turned into a somewhat defensive expression eased into a smirk and Nestor added. “Hell, I may even have me a twofer.”

“Really?” Hector did his best to sound as calm as he could. “The redhead you were talking to out there?”

Nestor’s smiled. “Yeah, Charlee.”

Just hearing him say her name made Hector want to punch him in the fucking throat. “Charlee is my friend which means she’s off limits to you.” He turned to the other guys who were listening also and raised his voice a notch. “To all of you.” Nestor began to frown, pushing Hector’s agitation to another level. Speaking louder and more demanding, he took a step closer to the idiot. “You have a problem with that, Nestor?”

Available now!

 Ridiculously simplified synopsis: No promises. No demands. Just pure unrestrained passion. What more can Abel ask for? That is of course until his heart begins to not only ask but demand much more.

Short Teaser:

Feeling crazed with anticipation, Abel’s eyes searched for the ice/vending machine room like the one on his floor. The moment he saw it, he pulled her in it.

He answered her confused expression with a kiss as he closed the door and pushed her against it. “I need to refuel.”

All right, he needed to get laid more often. This was ridiculous. Obviously he’d been spending too much time training and not enough socializing, because he’d never felt this kind of urgency. Duly noted—he’d move a few things around in his schedule. She lifted her leg, bringing it around him.

“Careful,” he warned, biting her lower lip, “or I may just finish you up right here.”

“Do it,” was her only response, and he froze.

Pulling back to look in her eyes, he could see she was serious. “Right here?” He asked, his hand already traveling down under her dress.

She nodded as his fingers felt the dampness between her legs and how hot she already was, pushing his heart into overdrive. He squeezed his eyes shut as he leaned his forehead against hers. 

“Sweetheart, don’t play with me.”

“I’m not,” she assured him breathlessly.

This is just part of the prologue. =) 

Available now!

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