Friday, August 1, 2014

Final countdown teasers!

When her head was screaming “enough,” her hopeful heart continued to whisper “wait.” 

It's the only way Valerie Zuniga can justify her ongoing addiction to the amazing but ever, elusive Alex Moreno. Mesmerized by the profound connection neither has ever quite understood, Valerie accepts their crazy relationship for what it is—non-exclusive.

That is until the incredible highs no longer numb the sting of the intense lows.

As tasteless and slippery as pride can be, for Alex it's always been the hardest pill to swallow.

Faced with a final ultimatum, the choice is a no-brainer for Alex. Despite his insanely busy life he's determined to prove to Valerie, that not only is he ready to commit, it's what he's always wanted—to claim Valerie as his exclusively.

But just as it kept him from admitting his real feelings all those years, will his obstinate pride once again step in and ruin things just when they're finally getting it right? 

In the next three days I will adding to this teaser....

"Why are you here?" she demanded.

"I wanna talk to you?" he asked hopefully.

"No," her response was too quick—abrupt. "I'm busy now. Try me another time."

Okay maybe he deserved that. But he knew she wasn't busy. He knew he had to convince her to hear him out. Alex was determined to say everything he came here to say to her tonight. And then he saw it. The movement behind her. His eyes zeroed in on a guy sitting at her small kitchen table looking equally as relaxed as Valerie texting something on his phone and there were two glasses of wine on the table. 

Alex took him in for another second from top to bottom as the slow boil inside him began to bubble. The guy put his phone down then reached for the bottle of wine and poured them each a little more. 

On instinct Alex put his hand on the door in case she even thought of trying to slam the door on his face. That wasn't happening now. And any hope of this night ending amicably like he'd been optimistic about was instantly squashed. He turned to Valerie whose earlier incensed eyes looked a little panicked now. "Who the fuck is that?"  
This is actually the ending of a chapter in the book. In the next chapter we continue in Valerie's POV. I'll add a tiny bit more of this scene each day until Monday where you can read the story in it's entirety because it will be live! So here's additional tease to this scene.  
3 day countdown teaser!


Anybody else. Anyone with half a brain would’ve explained immediately, but the hurt Valerie was still feeling was an unbearable living thing. This wasn’t the usual hurt either. This was different. She really thought she’d felt something change between them in the past few weeks. Knowing that on such a heartrendingly busy week for him—a week he hadn’t had a minute to spare for her—he’d gone out with another girl—a girl he referred to as smexy—cut so much deeper than normal.

“It’s really none of your business, but—”

“What do you mean it’s none of my business?” Alex roared in that loud ominous tone she’d heard plenty of times but never directed at her. “Who the fuck is that?” 
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2 day countdown teaser!

Valerie turned when she saw XXX stand up. “You okay, Val?” he asked as she attempted to step out and try to close the door behind her.
“Everything’s fine,” she said as she took a step onto the porch, but Alex pushed the door open so hard it slammed against the wall.
“No, everything’s not fine, asshole!”
Valerie pressed both palms against Alex’s impossibly strong chest. “Stop it, Alex.”
“Hell no!” Alex boomed, taking a step in her door. “So is this it? Is this what you do every time we get in an argument?”

Last teaser before release!!  

“Relax, dude,” XXX said, lifting a hand up in front of him.

Valerie shook her head, willing XXX to stay quiet. His talking would only make things worse no matter what he said. She turned back to Alex and shoved his chest hard. “You were on a date the other night!” The warm tears in her eyes pissed her off. She was so sick of crying over Alex. “You have no right to barge in here—”

“The hell I don’t!”

His enraged voice despite her tears alarmed her. Normally her words alone could calm him. She glanced up in time to see something dangerous flicker in Alex’s eyes, something she’d only seen a handful of times, and in the next instant, he turned to charge at XXX.

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Remember what Alex thought Romero was doing during their charades game?