Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Romero Is Live!

Okay it's out of my hands now! But I did my part! Romero is now uploaded to both Amazon and Nook. As soon as it goes live on either site it's available for you readers. I've posted this very short bonus while you wait on my fanpage and GoodReads so I'll post here too!

 Now live on Amazon  B&N

And Smashwords!

She squeezed her eyes shut just before she turned the corner to walk back into the front room. “I wasn’t alone.”
He looked up from the box and their eyes met. The easygoing expression faded slowly. “Oh yeah? Who went with you?”

Hint: He is not going to like the answer to this question.

Edited to add: Every time I upload a new book no matter how many times I go over my check list before hitting publish then not being able to change anything for days I ALWAYS forget at least one thing. This time I forgot to clarify in the product description that Romero is Adult Contemporary romance. NOT YA. Remember guys he has a mouth on him so there will be adult language and of course sexual content. Just so you are all aware.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Making You Mine - Is now live on Amazon!

UPDATE 1/5/26 Now available on Smashwords! 
UPDATE  12/26/11 Now available on B&N
For those of you who haven't read MYM yet and for my Barnes and Noble readers. There is a brand new excerpt never before posted anywhere being featured today on Tamara Blodgetts Blog! 

Thanks to you guys guess who is #1 Hot New Releases? =D
Get your copy now on Amazon! Happy Holidays everyone! I will update when it goes live on Barnes & Noble. =)
Always in control, the meticulous and professional Salvador Moreno is thrown for a loop when the newly hired bartender Grace Zendejas suddenly invades his family’s restaurant, and infuriatingly, his every thought. For the first time in his life, Sal is fumbling. But after recovering from a few blunders he discovers his feelings for Grace run much deeper.

Things begin to heat up between him and Grace, but then the ever-perfect Sal does something even his brothers never did—screws up royally. Now he’s scrambling to cover up a mistake he knows could cost him dearly. As his relationship with Grace grows even more serious, Sal's secret is a ticking bomb, threatening to destroy the one thing he now lives and breathes for—his relationship with the love of his life—Grace.

3 Teasers of Making You Mine:

Sal rushed to the restroom and threw up. With the water running while he rinsed his face, he hadn’t heard the door open.
“How you feeling?”
He spun around, and the room spun with him, causing him to nearly lose his balance. It was a good thing he held on to the vanity for support, because his legs almost gave out on him when he saw her. This was even worse than what he’d imagined.
“Have you ever been to Juarez, Mr. Moreno?” She spoke almost through her teeth. Sal wondered if she’d ever looked into interview etiquette. Did she really think her constant interruptions were going to buy her points?
“Yes, I have, actually.”
“It doesn’t get more fast paced than that, when it comes to preparing Mexican cuisine, Mr. Moreno.”
“Can you stop calling me that?” Unlike his brothers, Sal had never been short on patience, but something about her refusing to call him by his first name had begun to get to him.
Graciela slid out of the booth. Sal hurried to slide out of his side and stood up ready to face off with her.
“Will you be considering me for the position?”
“As a head chef? No. But I do need a bartender.”
If looks could kill, he’d be a stinking corpse. “When can I expect an answer?”
“Well, I’ll have to discuss it with my brother but I’ll get back to you.”
“Thank you.” With that, she spun around and walked away. 
Sal bolted out of his chair in reaction to that news. The guy was there all fucking weekend and he’d spent the night at her place? He ran his hand roughly through his hair. “And you’re sure it was Nevada plates?”
“Yep, I mean it could be a coincidence but—”
“Nah, it’s no coincidence that’s hi
s car.” He couldn’t believe he could be so wrong about her.
“Yeah, I didn’t think so either. So whatta ya want me to do? I could still look into it but I mean… this pretty much says it all.”
He stopped pacing and shook his head. “No. Don’t waste anymore time on her. I don’t need to know anything else. But thanks.”
The second he hung up he picked up the coffee mug on his desk and flung it across the room. Hearing it smash into a million pieces was what he needed at that moment. But it did little more to calm him.
Oscar rushed in the room. “You okay in here?”
Sal could barely control his breathing much less talk. He nodded and pointed at the door. “Just close the door will you? I need a minute.”
Oscar stared at him for a moment without moving.
“Close the fucking door!”
Oscar flinched at his booming voice but reached for the knob and walked out closing the door behind him
Bonus Teaser of Making You Mine posted exclusively on Tamara Blodchett's blog
Read an interview with Alex, Angel, Romero and Eric answering questions about Sal on A Book Lovers Review blog.  

3 Short Teasers of Sarah & Angels short story "Only Eight Days" included in Making You Mine
"I’ll need you to bar tend today but not until Sarah gets here. I’ll have her take over your section.”
“Isn’t she here already?” Raul asked.
“No,” Angel wiped down the bar. “She was having breakfast with her mom this morning.”
“She was out in the parking lot when I drove in. I thought she’d be in here by now. Unless,” Raul smirked. “That guy whose arms she flew into stole her away.”
Angel turned and peered at Raul not sure if he was serious. He had the stupidest sense of humor sometimes. But apparently he was serious. “What are you talking about?”

That was strange. Who would be visiting Sarah in a cab? Then it hit him. Something began to warm his insides just as he saw her walk in. He fully expected to see Sydney walk in behind her but she was alone. He met her by the hallway leading to the back room. As soon as their eyes met he knew something was wrong. “You okay?”


Even after Angel knew Sarah was home and safe in bed he couldn’t shake that feeling that something was wrong. Then he got the call.

Sarah was crying. “Please don’t be mad at me!”

His heart began to race. “About what?”


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Short excerpt of Romero... release date is just around the corner!

Lets get you all warmed up for Romero. If you've read Always Been Mine this scene will be very familiar to you. Only now you get to be in Romero's head and see what he was really thinking when this happened. If you haven't, the scene is pretty self explanatory. Only thing you need to know is, even though this is pretty early on in their relationship, it's been firmly established that they are exclusive.

Waking up next to Isabel was a mixed feeling for Romero. On the one hand, he loved seeing her first thing when he woke up. On the other, he was afraid if he got too used to it he’d never want to wake without her again. He wasn’t sure if she was ready for that. His feelings for her had taken him by storm. He was afraid of freaking her out. 
Hearing something in the front room, he sat up. He frowned when he realized he woke Isabel, but then smiled at her perfectly naked body. “That’s probably Valerie. What time is it?”
“Really?” She sat up. “Already? I never sleep that late.”
Romero smiled, remembering why. “We had a long night.”
Isabel got out of bed and searched her closet. “What are you looking for?”
“My robe. It’s in here somewhere.”
She found it, flung it on and hurried out the room. Romero sat up and pulled his jeans on. He walked out into the restroom. When he walked out of the restroom, he saw Isabel hurry back into the room. The phone in the kitchen rang.
“I got it!” Valerie yelled from the front room.
It kept ringing so Romero walked out into the kitchen. He froze when he came face to face with Valerie. She seemed surprised to see him, especially since he was still shirtless and barefoot. Her expression amused him. “You gonna get that?”
“No,” she said, her eyes obviously trying to avoid his bare chest. “The answering machine can pick it up.”
The machine went off just as Isabel came out of the room, now dressed in shorts and a blouse. Romero turned back to Isabel when the machine beeped.
“Isabel this is Michael. I just wanted to tell you I had a fantastic time with you Friday night…”
Isabel took a step toward the machine, but stopped when Romero stepped in front of her. The heat inside him, already on the rise. The kind of heat that made him do things he never wanted Isabel to be witness to.  He swallowed hard, trying to understand what he was hearing. She’d said she was with her sister Friday night. He listened as the message went on.
“… I’ll be here a little longer than I thought, so I was hoping I could see you again before I leave…” 
He couldn’t take his eyes off Isabel, feeling his heart beat pick up with every word the fucker on the machine said.
“… I hope we can make this happen.” He left his number for her, then hung up.
“Funny story,” Isabel said, attempting to make light of it, but Romero felt on the verge of exploding.
He tried to stay calm, hoping she did have a reasonable explanation. “Yeah, Isabel?  Tell me about it.”
“My sister set this up before we even started going out.”
Instantly Romero saw red. “You were on a date with this guy Friday?”
“No, we just had dinner—”
“That’s a date! What else did you just do with him?” Vision of her with another guy assaulted him and the guys words slammed into him. “You know what? I don’t wanna know.” The urgency to get out before he snapped had reached a disastrous stage. He rushed to the room. “Whatever you did, it was fucking fantastic!
Romero pushed the door to her room open, slamming it against the wall. There were only a handful of times he’s felt this way in his life and each time he’d exploded beyond his control. He didn’t want that to happen now. That side of him was off limits to most people he knew, but especially, Izzy.  He grabbed his shoes and slipped one on as she walked into the room, closing the door behind her. He couldn’t even look at her.
“I’m sorry. She’d set this up a long time ago.”
With his heart already pounding away, he attempted to speak.  “Why would she still expect you to go if you’re with me now?”
She didn’t say anything. He stopped what he was doing and stared, feeling the hurt pummel through him. She still hadn’t told her sister.    
 “I just didn’t think it was a big deal to get—”
“Not a big deal? You lied to me!” She flinched when he yelled and he immediately regretted it. That was it, if he didn’t get out of there now, he might do or say something worse he’d regret.
Feeling his temper reach a level where there was no turning back from, he slipped on his other shoe and grabbed his shirt, rushing past her and out the bedroom door.
“I’m sorry, Romero,” she said,  as he walked past a very stunned looking Valerie.
“I’m sorry, too. Go call him back, Isabel. Make it happen.”  He grabbed his keys and wallet and rushed out. 
He fought the incredible urge to go back and demand to know what the fuck was so fantastic about Friday night. No guy would call a date fantastic if nothing had happened. That’s the reason why he stopped her before she answered. If she so much as admitted to kissing the guy, Romero would’ve gone off the deep end for sure. 

Coming very soon...