Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Win an signed copy of Romero!

Giveaway Giveaway!  

Get your very own signed copy of Romero! 

How to enter? SIMPLE. Copy paste the link to your review of Romero from Amazon or B&N and send it with the subject "Romero review." (PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS!)  If you've reviewed it elsewhere copy paste that review and post it on either Amazon or B&N then send me the link and you're entered. If you've never reviewed but would like to be entered simply post an honest review on either site and send me the link and yes if you post on both sites you can send me both links and you will be entered twice! One week from today, Wednesday June 13th I will randomly pick two winners! Good luck all!!! Now you can hold him to your chest and say "I got this!" LOL And yes there will be more giveaways coming for all the other books as well!  

Romero's song to Izzy!