Friday, July 18, 2014


Let's have a little fun shall we? How many of you remember way back when I was writing Romero and Sal's stories simultaneously? (Talk about having to switch gears there! lol) Do you remember the teasers I did every now and again minus the character's names? Well now that I have Alex AND Felix's stories done let's do it again! 

This one was tough. Because most of you know Alex and Val so well and ANY mention of the gym or boxing would be a dead give away this is Felix. But I found one! Or rather my editor suggested it. lol But still! It's a good one! So you ready? Here we go. No set up. No hints. Only thing I'll clarify because having no names at all read too confusing so keep this in mind.
H = maybe Felix or Alex.
h = maybe Val or our new heroine.
A =  our hero's antagonist. 

?      Which is it?          ?

 As much as he knew he should respect the fact that she said she was tired and he clearly hadn’t been invited over, he needed to talk to her, and he wanted this conversation to be in person.

H took a shower in record time then changed and rushed out. He was so tempted to call her because the more he thought about it the more he needed to know now.

“It’s all in your fucking head,” H had begun to mutter as he turned onto her street, and then he saw it.

A truck was parked in her driveway. H was still more than half a block away, but he’d already prepared himself that someone might be there, so seeing A’s truck there instead was even worse. Had he been there all day? Or had he hung out when he dropped her off after their day together?

H’s stomach had already taken a dive, and then he saw h walk A out and stand by the porch, smiling as A said something to her before getting in the truck.

The moment her eyes saw H’s car, her smile flattened. She glanced down at her phone then slipped it in her pocket. 

H swallowed hard as the truck drove away. He didn’t know if A had seen him or not, and he really didn’t give a shit. He tried to calm himself as his heart went into overdrive. This wasn’t what it looked like. She’d explain soon enough. He just needed to stay calm.

He drove into her driveway, staring at her as she walked down the porch steps and toward him. She was so beautiful it hurt. Bracing himself, he got out of his car as terrified as he was angry.

Think you know who it is? 
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  1. It really seems like Alex. Knowing my luck, I'm probably wrong but still!

  2. Its Felix! It has to be because Alex would have gone crazy!
    -Lillie Garcia

  3. Felix! Alex wouldn't have been so calm.

  4. I think it's Felix and the new heroine.

  5. I think Felix because Alex would have been out the car not waiting or caring what the other guy seen him or not & would of been all in their faces. & with Felix I'm not sure about his personality is really, I only seen some of it in the 5th street series but he wasn't really in an all out serious relationship.( or should I say he wasn't in love love)

    Deborah H

  6. Felix. That boys got it bad.

  7. Felix

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