Sunday, July 27, 2014

5th Street Cover tease!

Did you guys have fun trying to guess which 5th Street hottie last weeks cover tease was? 

Well here's another tease and a chance for you to win one of 8 more signed 5th Street books with the OG discontinued covers!

2 Noah
2 Gio
2 Hector
2 Abel

That's 8 total winners!  

I gave you a delicious shoulder to feast last week how about some hard side abs this time? Again there is a hint. If you picked up on last weeks hint (especially after I told you who it was) you should get this!

Any guess right or wrong here or on FB will get you entered! Happy guessing and have a wonderful week.

Winners will be announced next Saturday. =)



  1. Considering the green in this picture, I'm going with Gio :-

  2. Well I have a theory about the colours...this book has green lettering so I looked at old covers and both Hector and Gio's books have blue/greenish writing but Hector's is more green so I'm guessing...Hector!!! I don't have a profile so signing in as 'anonymous' but I'm Sarah Mannering on facebook. xxx

  3. Those hot abs belong to the hot ass Hector!!! ����

  4. Gio

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. My choice is Felix

  6. I am going to guess and say Gio

  7. IT'S HECTOR!!!!!!! I get the hints!! Lol! Can't wait to see the covers! They look great so far!

  8. Felix

  9. Hector, thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. For some reason, my head is screaming that it's Abel but I'm going with my gut and saying Hector! Love your series! :)

  11. once again I am going to say its Gio.

  12. I'm guessing Hector.
    Deborah H