Monday, July 21, 2014

TGIM! So who was it Felix or Alex?

First off thank you all for the tremendous enthusiasm about this and your participation! I hope you had fun trying to decipher it though the majority had it right! 

Our randomly chosen winner for this giveaway is Brandi Franklin!!! Please email me Brandi at EliReyesBooks(at)Yahoo(dot)com with your choice of one of any of my book's and your mailing address where I can send it. 

Below I copy pasted the scene again only this time using the names of the characters so you can see it who it really was AND get a little insight further into that story. ;) 

Please continue to read after the scene for some more exciting announcements and news. 

TGIM everyone! Have a great week!   

As much as Felix knew he should respect the fact that Ella said she was tired and he clearly hadn’t been invited over, he needed to talk to her, and he wanted this conversation to be in person.

Felix took a shower in record time then changed and rushed out. He was so tempted to call her because the more he thought about it the more he needed to know now.

“It’s all in your fucking head,” Felix had begun to mutter as he turned onto her street, and then he saw it.

A truck was parked in her driveway. Felix was still more than half a block away, but he’d already prepared himself that someone might be there, so seeing Grayson's truck there instead was even worse. Had he been there all day? Or had he hung out when he dropped her off after their day together?

Felix’s stomach had already taken a dive, and then he saw Ella walk Grayson out and stand by the porch, smiling as Grayson said something to her before getting in the truck.

The moment her eyes saw Felix's car, her smile flattened. She glanced down at her phone then slipped it in her pocket. 

Felix swallowed hard as the truck drove away. He didn’t know if Grayson had seen him or not, and he really didn’t give a shit. He tried to calm himself as his heart went into overdrive. This wasn’t what it looked like. She’d explain soon enough. He just needed to stay calm.

He drove into her driveway, staring at her as she walked down the porch steps and toward him. She was so beautiful it hurt. Bracing himself, he got out of his car as terrified as he was angry. 
So if you guessed
 You were right!!!
Okay so now you know. However I do want to clarify something. Many of you thought this couldn't be Alex because he wouldn't be this calm. Let me assure you, under normal circumstances Felix would be just as ready as any of my alphas to block the driveway, jump out of the car, kick some ass, then ask questions later. LOL But there is very good reason why he needs to stay calm. And even more reason why he's as terrified as he is angry here. Just think about it... ;)
So now for more announcements. This Wednesday is the cover reveal for When You Were Mine. Please stay tuned for that. I will also have a blurb and very possibly a release date that is looking to be a lot sooner than I expected so mark your calendars! 
Now for the giveaway! 
As mentioned before, 5th Street has undergone some revamping! Brand new covers for all 4 books! The reveal will be happening August 13th and you have no idea how incredibly excited I am about this! 
Here is a sneak peak of one of them. 
 Can you guess which of my 5th Street boys this delicious shoulder belongs to? There is a hint in the photo already. 
Right or wrong any guess enters you to win one of EIGHT signed copies of *5th Street books. So 8 winners total! ;)
*Winners will receive a signed copy of the original (discontinued) covers as I don't have the books with the new covers yet. I will choose 2 winners for each book in the series. So just to be clear. That's
2 winners of Noah
2 winners of Gio
2 winners of Hector
2 winners of Abel.  
So start guessing here or on my FB page either way gets you entered. Happy guessing!!



  1. Zairah Divino (divinozairah (at) gmail (dot) com)

    Abel? ^_^
    I'm excited to see the new covers! Looks hotter. ;)

  2. probably abel. the new cover looks good!

  3. I think it's Gio's cover! Looks hot! Can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Id say Abel since he's the king of the ring ;)

  5. Hector? Looks like a scar.....

  6. I love this cover! My guess is it's Abel!

  7. Hmm...Noah?? Can't wait for more from you! :)

  8. OMG, I love new covers. Can't wait to see them!

    I'm guessing Gio??

    Email: ddoan_526 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  9. That hot shoulder belongs to my Gorgeous NOAH����

  10. That hot shoulder belongs to my gorgeous NOAH ����

  11. I'm guessing Gio because of all that MUSCLE <3

  12. I think it is Gio because it looks like the guy is looking down and after the fight where his opponent dies he feels really badly about it.

  13. Ill go with my guts.. Abel.

  14. Considering the size of the shoulders, I'm thinking heavyweight so probably Abel :)

  15. I'm going to say Abel.


  16. I love these new covers, I'm guessing this is Geo.

  17. I say Noah!

  18. But maybe noah...either way hot hot hot! !!!

  19. Gio was my first thought then abel...then my mind wandered and I drooled a little...cant expect my brain to work

  20. Wahhh I don't know... but my gut's going with Noah! <3

  21. Abel

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com