Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So much going on!!

Thank you all who participated my anniversary giveaway. Winners will be tallied once the giveaway closes. I will post a list of all winners once we have all the info. 

In the meantime MORE giveaways! 

Tantor Audio is now joining me celebrating my anniversary month by adding ANOTHER two sets of audiobooks of ALL my books. (With the exception of Abel. *Not on audio yet*) 

How to enter? Easy just click HERE and enter! If you don't have  or don't do Facebook then email your entry to cmcneil@tantor.com    

What else is going on? HOUSTON!!!!

I'm coming to see you in November at BookRave. I'm bringing all my books, book swag AND a sneak peak of next years Simon & Schuster book. PLUS another surprise!!  

Read the Houston BookRave Author Spotlight about yours truly! 

What else you ask?

BLOGGERS!! If you are not already on my list of bloggers to participate on Book Cover Reveals and special announcements, I have the cover reveal for Breaking Brandon (Fate #2) coming in early November. If you'd like to participate email me at EliReyesBooks@yahoo.com  

I look forward to hearing from all of you and don't miss out on the giveaways both this one and the one on the below post! Enter to win everybody!!! 

Now back to the cave I have a book to write!!  ;)

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  1. when will breaking brandon come out ? and i cant wait for some teasers!!!!!! ps mary