Monday, September 24, 2012

Teaser Tuesday Fate 9/2512 - Fate

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No set up needed. I only want to mention this is part of the teaser you've already read on my fan page. Only I added a little more of before the scene and gave you  until the end of the scene! Enjoy!! 

They never actually talked about it nor did the subject of what their relationship was now ever arise. Vince liked it that way. Talking about it would be admitting that what was happening was the very thing Grace was afraid of—things were getting serious. Yet Vince made it a point to look her deep in the eyes when he played with her fingers during any of their comfortable moments of silence. He wanted her to see he was feeling much more for her than just a friendship. The few times she’d brought up other guy “friends,” Vince tried not to but his remarks always came across a little pissy. Until the day he’d nearly snapped. 

Nervous every time he saw Grace eye them suspiciously he often asked Rose if his days here were numbered. Usually she’d laugh at his paranoia. This time she went a step further to what he now knew was an effort to convince him that everything was just fine. She turned to Grace who’d just walked back into Sal’s house as they sat in the shallow end of the pool, on the stairs. Grace had brought out some snacks but when she saw them giggling so closely in the pool, she’d seemed unnerved.  

“Grace knows we’re just friends. Just like some of my other guy friends, she’s got nothing to worry about.

Vince slipped his hand into hers underwater and stared at her. “What other guy friends?”

She turned to him and Vince saw the effort she made to hide her surprise to his question. “I… I have a few friends in school.”

“Friends like me?” He squeezed her hand, his eyes searching hers now. “Because I don’t have any friends like you, Rose. None. You’re the only one.”

“Well.” She licked her lips looking away. “They’re just guys I talk to. But no…not like with you.”

“Good.” He took a few steps off the stairs pulling her with him in the water. “Just so you know.” He said as he dipped his head back into the deeper water. When he popped back up she was still holding his hand and still staring at him looking a bit bewildered. “I don’t need any more friends around. I’m fine with it being just you and me all summer.” He tugged her hand, pulling her a little closer to him but not too close in case someone peeked out at them. “If any of these guys show up when I’m around, I won’t be very friendly.” He lifted the corner of his lip, as Rose began to get what he was saying. “Don’t get me kicked out of La Jolla Rosie. Because that’s probably what’ll happen.”

As the back door slid open he let go of her hand and dove in the water swimming into the deep end. When he popped up on the other end of the pool Rose popped up next to him. They both held on the side as Grace walked back into the house again. She’d brought out lemonade for them.

“Vincent?” Vince brought his attention back to Rose. He’d been busy making sure Grace closed the door all the way. “I don’t have any other friends like you either. You’re the only one.” 

Feeling the onset of one of biggest goofiest smiles to date, Vince cursed the fact that he was in Sal’s backyard or he would’ve attacked her with a million kisses. Instead he reached for her hand and squeezed. “Good. That’s exactly what I was waiting to hear.”

Is it just me or does anyone else hear the jaws music?  Oh the calm before the storm!   ;)

And in case anyone is wondering because I've had a few people ask (maybe they haven't read MYM) This story does goes beyond their teen years. There just weren't any juicy adult scenes I could tease you with that wouldn't give TOO much away.  

"When is this going to be available?" I will never have an exact date because as we've learned in the past once I upload to Amazon and B&N it is out of my hands. So technically I can't announce a "release date" because I could upload one day and they may take a day or two or even longer to make it live. Therefore all I can say for now is I really do believe this is the last teaser before I upload.  

I anticipate getting the MS back from my editor this week. That could be ANY day this week. With that said. I do have that Chicago meet & greet this weekend. Hopefully *fingers crossed* that won't throw a curve ball in my plans. If my editor hands over the fully edited manuscript while I'm on a plane or in the middle of the meet & greet there's nothing I can do. But I will have my laptop with me and ready to fire it up in my hotel room the moment I get a chance. As always I will keep you updated I promise!!!  



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