Monday, April 28, 2014

Teaser Tuesday - Desert Heat!

Just a few more weeks until until 
Desert Heat 
releases guys!

So I promised longer teasers and here is another one. 

Here's your visual. 

Why this one? Well you see what had happened. lol I need inspiration while I write. And the Santiago Brothers have one thing in common. Those sexy as sin cleft chins. I posted this WAY back before anyone knew I was writing his story on my blog and you guys went a little nuts. So I have to post now! ;)

The set up: Damian wakes to an empty bed and hears Bethany on the phone...remember he's an interrogation specialist. He can read people's body language/cues in their voice etc. Uh oh. 

“. . . I’m working,” Bethany's voice either lowered or she walked away farther, because the rest of what she said was a mumble.

Damian started toward the door. Sleeping with her had definitely heightened what he felt for Bethany, or maybe his feelings of entitlement, because the unease he’d felt yesterday when he’d heard her tone down her relationship with him was a slow-boiling annoyance now. Had she really just told someone she was working instead of admitting where and with whom she was?

“. . . not now I can’t, but tonight for sure.”

Instead of standing there eavesdropping as he was tempted to, Damian decided to walk out into the front room, where her voice seemed to be coming from. As soon as he opened the door, he was surprised to see she wasn’t even inside. She’d stepped out onto the patio.

Even though Bethany smiled as soon as she saw him, Damian hadn’t missed how her head had jerked in his direction when he opened the door. He managed to smile back, but just barely, as he walked toward her. As much as he had every intention of not jumping to conclusions and giving her the benefit of the doubt, it was already pissing him off that she turned away and lowered her voice.

He opened the patio door, and she turned, lifting her hand for him to give her a second, then turned her back on him again. “I gotta go now, okay. Yes, tonight.”

He’d give her a second or longer if she needed it, but he wasn’t leaving, if that’s what she thought. Wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, he noticed how she stiffened.

As much as that, too, made him wonder what the hell her sister was asking about now that she couldn’t talk about until tonight, he still tried to shake the unease and leaned in to kiss her neck. This time he was asking her straight out the second she was off the phone. No more dicking around. This close, he heard the other person on the phone, and it wasn’t her sister. It was a guy.

“Okay, tonight then. I’m really looking forward to it, Bethany.”

Damian yanked his head back.

“I am, too. Bye.” She turned to him as soon as she was off the phone.

“Who was that?”

This was another first for Damian. He’d never felt anything like what he was feeling at that moment, as he stared at her, his heart pounding as it always did when he was around her, but for an altogether different reason now. It had actually been a chore to refrain from cussing and asking her who the fuck was that on the phone.

“That was Simon,” she said, as if it were nothing. That only spiked the annoyance that had already boiled over and was reaching a new height. He wouldn’t even attempt to hide what he was feeling now.

“What’s he looking forward to tonight?”

“Seeing me.” She said it so calmly, it gave him hope this was a complete misunderstanding.

Still, he fisted his hands tightly, trying to remain as calm as she was. “Seeing you?” He lifted both brows, unable to hide the anger now. “You’re gonna see him tonight?”

She nodded, touching his face softly. “What’s wrong with you?”

While her touch did calm him a little, it wasn’t nearly enough. “What do you mean what’s wrong with me? You’re gonna go see this guy tonight, and he’s looking forward to it? And so are you?” Then it hit him. “You told him you were working. Why?”

Pinching her brows together to think about it, she tilted her head. Damian took a few steps back—away from her. As cute as he normally thought it when she did that, right now he was too damn pissed to appreciate it.

“No.” She cleared her throat. “He asked why I said it’d be better if we talked tonight instead of now, and I told him I was working tonight.”

“You’re lying,” he snapped.

Never had he been so sure about anything in his life. Every word she’d just said to him had been insincere.

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