Friday, April 25, 2014

Join the Desert Heat blog tour!

Bloggers!!! Last chance to be part of the blog tour and get your early copy of the finished novel now! 

Coming May 13th 2014!


  1. I'm signed up to post a review on May 3rd on the blog I've read the book, written my review, and am in love with the Santiago men. I posted a blurb on my tumblr about this awesome book without giving any spoilers but this book is everything I have come to expect from a book by Elizabeth Reyes, and you know that consists of hot men, strong females, and family. I know this is Damian and Bethany's story but OMG, Diego. Bedroom eyes, sexy grin, cleft chin, mischievously longer messy hair and a laid back demeanor, Sign me up because this girl is on the Diego fan girl page. Yummy!!!

    1. I just now saw this Jennifer! I'm going to start sharing the "what readers are saying so far" posts on my social media this week so if you can get me a link I'll go ahead and share! Thanks so much!!! <3