Friday, August 9, 2013

We're getting so close! Time for a sale!

For those of you who have not read Gio I will be lowering the price TEMPORARILY  this weekend so ya'll can catch up and get the very first hint that Nellie could be Abel's love interest in his story! 

So go grab Gio for only $.99 cents now and get to reading!! 

Prices have been changes as of this morning. Some retailers may take longer than others to make the change but Gio will be $.99 cents on ALL of the above platforms. 

ALSO! For those of you who may've missed it or just recently discovered my alphas. Last December I did a holiday post for a blog. In it I dropped a MAJOR hint about Abel and Nellie's growing sexual tension. This scene takes place BEFORE Hector met Charlee (Spoiler alert!) For those of you who haven't read any of the 5th Street books yet, this scene takes place AFTER Gio and Noah's books!

It's almost time for Abel!!! 

I swear I'm getting so excited! So yesterday I updated my banner on facebook page and y'all went a little nutty. =) But for those of you who don't have or do FB you missed it so I decided to post it here! 

Dare I say ONE last teaser? Well sort of what I can offer is the story behind the photo. There is an actual scene in the book where Abel looks much like this. So when I saw the photo I thought ABEL JUST BEFORE HIS BIG FIGHT!!! But since I'm no tease *dodges tomatoes and eggs* Ahem!! As I was saying! Since I wouldn't just leave you guys with that, here is the TINY snippet of that scene. I'd really give you more but here would be some MAJOR spoilers so here is what you get! =D

Abel glanced around the rest of his entourage, clenching his jaw now instead of stretching it like he should be. His intro music started, and Noah lifted the hood of Abel’s satin robe over his head. “Show time.”

They all started moving with Abel in the front, behind only the guy holding the camera in front of him and the guy guiding the cameraman from behind as he walked backwards. The two security guards at either side of him just a few steps in front of him were there to keep the crowd at a distance. The crowd was already going wild, and he hadn’t even come into view. The second he came into view, the crowd got even louder.

And because I'm not done teasing. Here's another peek of all the giveaways I'll be doing in the coming weeks with the blog tour and in September for my 3 year anniversary celebration.

They were just delivered yesterday! Stay tuned, SO much more to come! =D LOT'S of signed books coming your way! Please spread the word everyone! As usual I love love LOVE you guys! 


  1. Gurrrr. lol. I love this teaser. I seriously can't wait for Tuesday. Lol i always look forward to the books that you put out. cant wait for more book by you. I love ya!
    Always, frances