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Teaser Tuesday - Hector - 1/8/13

Happy Teaser Tuesday!!!

Okay so I'm having a really hard time finding excerpts that tease y'all enough without giving too much away! So this weeks is on the short side. I'd make it longer but anything before and anything after would just be too much of a spoiler for you guys! Sorry!

Disclaimer: Once again parts of this may change when I get into the rewrites and this is UNedited! 

So the set up: This is just after one of the other 5th Street boys fights in the locker room. The rest is self explanatory. And why the picture of angry Bernardo? I just think it fits this excerpt perfectly. In this scene Charlee and Hector are still only just friends but well... you know my guys. =/


It was such a rush that it wasn’t until everything had calmed and they were all in the training room again that Hector thought of Charlee again. Even then he’d still been busy listening to Noah’s take on the fight when something Santos said hit him like an electric current.
“Did you see Nestor trying to talk to the red head?” Santos laughed then said something in a lowered voice.
“What was that?” Hector asked moving away from Noah, and the guys and toward Santos. Santos looked at him confused. “What did you just say?”
Santos smiled again. “About Nestor?”
“Yeah,” Hector already felt irritated and he didn’t even hear the second part but whatever it was Santos found it amusing as shit.
“He’s out there hitting on some red head.”
“Right now?” The hair on the back of his neck was instantly at attention.
Santos nodded. “Last I saw—”
“Is she with another girl?” Hector started walking before Santos even answered. “A blonde one?” The odds of there being more than one red head out there were slim but they did have a big crowd tonight.
“Yeah, they’re like the only two white chicks out there. Why? You know them?”
 Ignoring Santos, Hector rushed around some more guys coming into the training room. He needed to warn Charlee about Nestor. Just then Nestor walked into the training room smiling big. This was even better. He’d warn Nestor about Charlee.
Nestor smiled at Hector. “Looks like I’ll be getting laid tonight.”
“You think so?” Hector asked already feeling the urge to slam Nestor against the wall.
“Oh yeah,” Nestor continued smiling big.
Nestor almost walked past him but Hector stepped in front of him. “And what makes you think that?”
Nestor backed up a step pinching his brows. “Because I just invited some chicks to a keg party tonight and they said they’d be there.” What had turned into a somewhat defensive expression eased into a smirk and Nestor added. “Hell, I may even have me a twofer.”
“Really?” Hector did his best to sound as calm as he could. “The red head you were talking to out there?”
Nestor’s smiled. “Yeah, Charlee.”
Just hearing him say her name made Hector want to punch him in the throat. “Charlee is my friend which means she’s off limits to you.” He turned to the other guys who were listening also and raised his voice a notch. “To all of you.” Nestor began to frown pushing Hectors agitation to another level. Speaking louder and more demanding he took a step closer to Nestor. “You have a problem with that, Nestor?”
Abel Noah and Gio were now looking at them too and everyone in the entire the training room got quiet.
“Nah, man,” Nestor said glancing around as if he’d just realized who he was talking to. “I just didn’t know—”
“Well, now you do. And stay away from her friend while you’re at it.” Hector wasn’t even sure why he added that last part but Drew was Charlee’s friend and for that reason alone he didn’t want this asshole taking advantage of her either.
Nestor stared at him for a little too long without saying anything. The tension in the room was so thick now it was a living thing and at the moment it held its breath.  Hector saw Abel making a move toward them. No one knew Hector better than Abel. If Nestor so much as said the wrong thing right now shit was going down because Hector’s patience was spent. This guy either agreed right now or Hector would make him.
Nestor gave him a very stiff nod before turning to Santos then back to Hector. “You got it.”
Hector stared at him hard. He didn’t trust Nestor as far as he could heave him and the way Hector felt right then he could probably fling Nestor clear across the room.  


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