Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lucky 7 Giveaway!

© Linda Bucklin | Dreamstime.com
My 7 days of Vacation means 7 chances to enter to win a signed copy of any of my books!

 How so? For every day that I'm gone I will be choosing one winner. Because I have seven books for every book link (Amazon or B&N) you shout out via FB, Twitter, Pinterest or any other means you can send me the link to or tag me you will be entered. So enter up to 7 times!!! But wait there's more!!! 

UPDATE ON ALEX/VALERIE BONUS SCENE: For more info on this see original post.   

We are SO close! The magic number of reviews we're trying to get to is 100 on Amazon and we're at 86! BUT I have 1826 likes on my fan page. And 115 followers on this blog. See that little thingy on that sidebar there on the right ---->. So lets make a deal. Now we have 3 numbers to watch. So now there are three ways to gettin that bonus scene posted asap! Whichever happens first, 2000 likes on fan page (seems like a lot I know but I get a heck of a lot more likes per day than I do reviews tell your friends!  150 followers on this blog--that's only 35 more or 14 more reviews on Amazon to reach that elusive 100 reviews and I post the bonus scene! Even if we hit one of these while I'm on vacation I will have my laptop with me so don't worry I won't make you wait until I get back. I'll post as soon we hit one of the milestones!         

Easy peasy! So let the liking, following, posting, tagging, tweeting, pinning begin!  Winners will be announced Thursday August 2nd!

Aloha! <3



  1. August 2nd Claire's first birthday!!! Perfect day to announce winners!!

    1. Oh yay! Happy birthday Claire! <- love the name Btw! Romero's first real crush! ;)

  2. I tweeted about your contest @sndc99 and I liked your FB and joined here. Have fun on your vacation.

  3. Aloha.. Elizabeth hope you are having a blast! And btw only you would think of a contest while holidaying, part of the reason we love ya! Xo

  4. I tweeted! and I am a FB follower, have a great vacation!

  5. Aloha! I just returned from Hawaii!!!!! Enjoy!

  6. i tweeted https://twitter.com/ariellaholstein/status/230074089853837313 and liked on facebook

  7. How was Hawaii!!! I love it there, I so want to move there!!! Can't for Fate!!!

  8. Hope you had a great vacation!
    Any upcoming book teasers?