Monday, February 20, 2012

Need more Morenos? Read brand new never before seen shorts of all the couples!!

Very soon as in starting later today! The Moreno Brothers hidden camera “Ignite Your Alpha” mini series starts today on Judy’s Jumbles blog with Sofie and Eric. So let me just give you a glimpse of what you’re in for? You know those intense scenes in the books? The ones where the guys start clenching their teeth and fisting their hands. Well imagine ONLY those scenes for each couple. We managed to rile up the guys so bad, we made ourselves nervous! So starting today the guys will get ignited one by one or for you youngins you might refer to this as getting punked. Then when it’s all over we’ll get the gang together for a reunion to talk about this and take questions from the audience.

Here’s a few sneak peeks of what’s coming this week on Judy's blog. You’ve already had a peek at Alex and Valerie's clip by clicking here!.  

Eric and Sofie:

Eric and Sofie are having a relaxing day on the beach to themselves. Sofie shows off her new teeny tiny bikini. A lifeguard nearby using his binoculars to get a better look at Sofie’s assets does not go unnoticed by Eric.

When Eric takes a walk back to the car our actor/lifeguard works up a conversation with Sofie. He conveniently leaves just before Eric gets back and he asks Sofie what the guy wanted. Here’s his response to hearing that the lifeguard had made his way over to her just to tell her to make sure she got that lotion on everywhere.

That’s what he came over here for?”

This is just the start of the fun. Usually calm and sensible Eric really surprised us! Check this entire clip now playing on Judy's Jumbles!  

Sal and Grace:

Sal and Grace are invited to an intimate dinner over Taylor and Joey’s where one of their other male guests takes a real interest in Grace but Sal doesn’t seem too bothered and here we find out why.

Sal leans in to Grace and whispers, “So what’s his deal? No significant other?”

Grace pretends to be confused. “Significant other?”

“Yeah,” he says putting another spoonful of potatoes in his mouth then wipes his mouth and continues to whisper. “Or has he not found Mr. Right?”

Grace works on her salad shaking her head. “Oh, he’s not gay and yeah, he’s single.”

*Presses Pause* I just had to freeze that still of Sal’s expression and the lift of his signature brow. Right there, the moment it hits him that this guy who’s been complimenting his wife all night and just inhaled her scent calling her delicious is as hetero as he is. Classic Moreno! *laughs pressing play again*

Romero & Izzy:

As expected, this one didn’t last very long and was the most nerve wracking of all. This is just the very beginning. Romero & Isabel along with Alex and Valerie (who are in on the gag) go out for a night out at a bar where the girls recently had a girls night out at. Take a look.

They all arrive and asked to be seated in the bar area. Brave Isabel starts things off by waving at the bartender actor/hunky model with a smile and he responds with his own big perfect smile and a, “Hey, Izzy. Good to see you again.”

*presses pause already laughing* Just to reiterate. This was her idea okay guys? *hits rewind* Just let me back up here in case you missed it. The Izzy thing was so not necessary. Look at Romero’s expression go instantly hard the second he turns to see who she’s waving at and sees the bartender smile so big. *wincing hits play again* Don’t blink guys this goes south real fast. 

Romero doesn’t even wait until they’re at their table to ask, “You know him?”

And finally...

Angel & Sarah:

Since all the guys at this point have been ignited everyone is on this one. And it was a good thing because we’d warned all our actors of the possibility of things getting physical and to our surprise Angels was the only one we didn’t jump in quite fast enough but luckily his brothers were there to intervene.

Family portrait time and the gang is all there including Romero and Izzy. While the photographer is hired to photograph all of them, after showing an interest in Sarah and complimenting her beautiful eyes, he also starts to take candid shots of Sarah only. At first, our all grown up and much more mature Angel doesn’t seem to bothered by it but with the help of an instigating Romero and an overly touchy feeling actor/photographer “Ace” we manage to push him into overdrive. Watch this:

          Angel glances over at Ace who of course is setting up to do the women’s shoot. “What the hell was he whispering in your ear?”

Sarah smiles. “Oh he was surprised when I mentioned having kids and he just whispered that I looked way too young for even one kid, much less more.”

“Sarah, sweetheart,” Ace calls out. “Can I get those beautiful eyes to join us over here, please?” 

*Pauses video* And there you have it folks the Moreno glare of death. *laughs* Again Elizabeth and me know what’s coming up so she now has her hand on the door knob ready to out and let him in on our gag as soon as we have to. Thank goodness Elizabeth is taller than me so I can hide behind her! And here we go. *hits play* 

Watch all the clips in their entirety this week on Judy’s Jumbles. I will post reminders as soon as each one goes live. This was so much fun and the guys didn’t disappoint with their reactions. But I don’t think we’ll be doing this again with any of my alpha’s as my heart nearly gave out just about every time! LOL     


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!! 1st comment!!!

    --Freshmen Girls are Boss

  2. First one Sofie and Erics is up on Judys blog now!

  3. Loved Eric and Sofie's! If Eric freaked that much, whats gonna happen with Alex? And Romero? Uh oh. Lol

  4. I had no idea how much I'd missed writing these guy! This was soo much fun! And just what I needed while I break between books! So glad you guys enjoyed. I can't wait for you guys to see the rest of the clips this week! =D

  5. You are so evil!! I love the way your mind works!!

  6. OMG i loved it!!! i am so happy i got to read about the whole group again, i missed them all!!! are you ever going to write about them again? (crossing fingers)

    1. I have a spin off series where we revisit all of them coming! =) I will make announcements soon!