Sunday, December 4, 2011

January Blog Tour Schedule!

Happening now! 1-4-12  The live virtual talk show with all the Moreno Brothers couples on stage taking questions! We had so many questions we worked into this that it practically reads like another short story! Enjoy! Judy's Jumbles blog     

Update! 1-1-12 <--wow! We are no longer taking questions for the virtual "talk show" We had  A LOT this thing is going to be looong but will read almost like a short story so hopefully it will tie you over until the next book! =) Read in installments or something! lol  Happy New Year everyone!! 

Pre-show HAPPENING TODAY 12-28-11! Visit Judy's Jumbles blog and "watch" the preshow of The Moreno Brothers live blogcast where she will have the entire cast on and ask all the tough questions!! 

Update 12/19/11 New stops added to tour!

Update! 12/10/11!  The tour is going to be lots of fun make sure you drop in at all stops as there will be giveaways and hints and sneak peeks of the coming series. 
So here are some of the stops and dates set for the Moreno Brothers blog tour. I will add more as they get added. If you are a blogger or reviewer with a reading/review blog and are interested in being part of the tour please go to Bewitching Book Tours for information on how you can participate in the tour. For now here is the schedule so far. Check back as more dates get booked I will be updating. I will also add more information as far as what each stop will feature type of promo, give-away, live chats etc. As the information is given to me.    

January 2nd
(Will Promo the Series)

January 2nd
Fangtastic Books

January 3d
(Will be interviewing Alex, Eric and Romero about Sal. Fun!)

January 4th
Just Judy's Jumble's 
(BIG feature interviews entire "cast" of series on her virtual talk show).  

January 9th
Roxanne's Realm

January 10th
(Interview, Promo, entire series review)  

January 13th
Tamara Rose Blodgett's blog
(Author interview )

January 14th
Kay Dee Royal
(Author interview

January 19th
(Author Interview)

January 21st

January 22nd
(Author interview & Series review

January 22nd
Mila Ramo's Blob 

January 24th
(Author interview, review of ABM)   

January 26th
A Tale of Many Rivers 
(Character interview, up close and personal with Sofie)

January 29th
(Review of series

January 30th
Reader Girls

January 31st
The Ultimate Fan Blog
(Interview Promo) 


  1. Is MYM available for this tour also?

  2. Yes, once it's published it will be available because OF COURSE Sal and Grace will have to part of the tour! There will be virtual talk shows with the entire cast on stage! ;)

  3. I've read most of the books in this series, and love them.

  4. Is the 4th the only date as of right now that is the "cast interview"? I already have questions filling up my head and after Sal and Grace's story is out I am sooooooooooo sure that I'll have more! Really looking forward to this, it's a great idea!

  5. For now it's the only date scheduled. But nothing says it can't happen again. We'll see how things go. =)

  6. I saw the dates for the blogs tours. Of course I will be reading. But with the time differences. My question is What time will the blog time take place? I love reading the blogs and reading the responses, verses posted dated times.

  7. I'm not sure about the time. I'm on Pacific standard time. But I don't believe anything is going to be live. That's why the questions for the talks show I'm taking "ahead of time". If you have any questions for the characters email them to me and we'll get them in for you.

  8. Cool..I am gonna try to get in on the tour!

  9. Very cool. Can't wait to see what you'll be doing with it!

  10. Is Making you Mine out yet and available on Amazon? Or when?
    Thanks can't wait to read it!!!

  11. No not available yet. But I'll be making the upload announcement real soon! Can't wait either! =)

  12. Just finished the latest book and i loved it. Started reading it friday morning and i couldn't stop til i was finished. Cant wait to see what comes out next.

  13. Just finished MAKING YOU MINE and it was an awesome book. Im sad that I finished the book already. I need more Moreno books, maybe a book of Vincent and Rose would be good. Whatever book u write I know will be awesome and I can't wait

  14. Fantastic to see the dates filling up for you Elizabeth!