Sunday, January 16, 2011

#SampleSunday - Excerpt of Forever Mine

This week sample is another excerpt of my debut YA romance novel Forever Mine available on Amazon   and B&N Nook .

The set up:  Sarah has already gushed about the best friend she longs to go back home to Sydney, more than once.  However Angel assumes Sydney is a girl. For now Sarah has let the assumption go without correcting him. In this scene Sarah and Angel are on their first real date strolling the shops in Old Town San Diego.

Angel walked over to where Sarah had stopped and was looking at little turtle figurines with heads that bobbled. He tapped the little head to make it wiggle.

“You like that?” He grimaced.

“It’s cute.”

“My sister has a bunch of those. Ever since her friends found out she liked them they’ve started buying her more. So she collects them now.” Angel chuckled. “I remember the time some idiot brought one to the restaurant for her. My brother Alex broke the head off.”

Sarah looked at him weird. “Why’d he do that?”

Angel was still smiling. He picked out a couple the turtles for his sister and turned back to Sarah, “She was only fifteen. That’s way too young for a boyfriend.”

He watched as Sarah crinkled her nose and she got that little wrinkle between her eyes. He was beginning to love all her expressions. “Maybe he was just a friend.”

“No such thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean there’s no such thing as guy’s and girls being friends.” Angel moved along the aisle still not seeing anything that grabbed him. He stopped when he noticed Sarah hadn’t moved.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” She walked toward him. “You really believe that?

“Believe what?”

“That guys and girls can’t be friends?”

Angel stopped looking through all the junk on the shelves and turned his attention to Sarah. “Yeah, don’t you?”

“No. I think it is possible.”

“Really?” He lifted an eyebrow. “You have a lot of guy friends, Sarah?”

Sarah cleared her throat and glanced back at the souvenirs on the shelf. “Not a lot. But I have some.”


  1. Love the easy flow of the dialogue. Excellent piece. I can almost feel Sarah's tension.

  2. Thanks, Linda. In some ways this is the scene I hope helps readers understand Sarah's angst about the whole.. should I just tell him or not?